3 Job Perks to Attract The Best Candidates

3 Job Perks to Attract The Best Candidates

Getting the right candidate to come through your doors takes a great deal of effort. Even when you’ve put up a free job posting or a listing, the candidate you want might hesitate to apply for it. However, on top of a good salary, advertising job benefits may help improve your chances. Here are some types of job perks that might increase the number of applications for your posting!

Flexible work hours 

Offering flexible work hours is attractive to several groups of people, such as millenials and parents. Various studies have shown that more and more employees value a less rigid working schedule as it offers them to maintain their work-life balance. This also means that experienced applicants with children are not discouraged from sending their resume to you, making you potentially gain a great addition to your team.

Medical, dental and vision insurance

While decent pay may be attractive to job seekers, additional health insurance is a high plus point for many. Potential candidates carefully consider health insurance since it helps them cover themselves and members of their immediate family. 

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With that financial and health concerned covered, they are likely to work better and not risk the team’s performance. On top of conventional medical insurance, a few companies are offering dental as well as vision insurance as a perk. You may consider this for your own business too.

Wellness programmes 

Working may take a lot of your employees time and energy, leaving them too tired to seek out healthier lifestyles. Wellness perks is an excellent offer to your team as it incentivises them to take care of themselves as well as their work. 

Big companies have on-site or in-building gyms so that their workers could train and get fit easily. Other options are collaborating discounts at other gyms or weekly team fitness classes. To potential candidates, these perks give the impression that you have their wellbeing in mind, which will definitely work in your favour. 


These addition job benefits are sure to get you the right candidate to apply for a vacancy in your company. Putting these in your job ad increases the consideration to apply for the job seekers looking at your listing. Learn how you can include these perks and other things in your free job posting here https://www.jobstreet.com.ph/en/cms/employer/