4 Travel Scams Tourists Have Fallen For

4 Travel Scams Tourists Have Fallen For

I’ve fallen for a few touristy scams in my life, and I cannot deny how creative these people are. I just wish I’ve taken up a travel insurance plan sooner because I’ve mourned for my wallet and been in stressful situations, so I’m gonna pay it forward by writing an article about it today.

Take note before you become a hapless victim!

The hotel is “closed”

You’re in a taxi and he informs you the hotel you’re staying at is fully booked or downright closed. Well, you know that can’t be true because you booked it online, so what’s the catch here? It’ll become apparent when the driver starts taking longer routes that aren’t mapped in your GPS to make some extra money. Put your foot down and dictate the direction to your hotel to show him who’s boss!

The taxi meter is broke

bangkok taxi

I know this is a common one but hear me out. You know that it’s not right to be charged a flat fare, but this poor bloke’s meter is out! You feel sorry for him and agree on a price after haggling back and forth. Truth is, the meter’s not broke and he’s trying to swindle you. Don’t even bother to negotiate. Move on to the next taxi that plays by the rules.

Trying on trinkets

My personal favourite; so hard to get out of. It would seem like people who want to sell you things are so friendly. After a quick chat, they would insist on letting you try on their item by putting it in your hand and then demand that you buy it. When you decline, they will start a commotion in the hopes of coercing you into it. You might be under tremendous pressure and cave in if you didn’t know about this, but just know that locals probably see this every day so it’s no big deal. Walk away!

The motorbike is stolen


I’ve been warned by many friends about this. Not that it matters to me because I’m a girl and I don’t ride but this might just be useful to you. Two bad things can happen when you rent a motorbike – the owner sends someone to damage or steal it – and you’re forced to pay more for repairs or a brand new motorbike in cash, of course. It’s nice to rent stuff on a bargain but it’s probably better to go with a reputable company with tons of good reviews. But if you absolutely must go for the obscure ones, check the motorbike thoroughly and take pictures before you go.

Be super careful

Hate to break it to you, but you can’t be all dreamy 24/7 on your vacation. For extra protection, get a reliable travel insurance plan from Chubb Malaysia at https://www.chubbtravelinsurance.com.my/en/quote to cover all grounds.