5 Tips For Retaining Employees

5 Tips For Retaining Employees

If you think that the tough part is over after hiring the right talents for your company, think again. Retaining your employees is equally tricky, but it is an important as it is the key to a successful organization. With the right methods, however, you can keep your employees happy and make them stay longer.

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So how do you reduce employee turnover? Here are some tips for retaining your employees.

Communication is key

Besides the words that you say, other factors like the tone of your voice, your body language, and eye contact have impacts on your relationship with your employees.

It is also essential to have open communication between the management and employees. Giving them the freedom to express their thought without any judgment is an excellent way to retain your employees.

Set clear goals

It may seem obvious, but employees in small companies often have multiple responsibilities. When an employee isn’t sure of their role, it might cause stress and affect their performance.

Make sure that your employees know what you expect from them and acknowledge them when they deliver.

Give what your employee needs

Before getting mad a poor performance of an employee, take some time to understand their situation. What is the cause of the failure? Do they have the necessary tools, time and training to perform their duties?

Provide the necessary means for your employees to fulfill their job, or they will find another employer who gives them.

Allow employee career growth

When there are no new job opportunities or challenges for your employees to face, they might stagnate.

Provide training for employees to learn new skills or take on new responsibilities. If they are interested, give them a chance to apply for other internal positions before hiring new talents.

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Appreciate and reward your staff members

Even thanking your employees from time to time goes a long way. You could make their day better by giving monetary rewards, bonuses or gifts when they manage to deliver.

You can also promote your employees if they deserve it. An employee might feel frustrated and discouraged if they see efforts bring them nowhere.


Practice these tips and keep your employees happy! A satisfied worker is more than willing to work for a company that puts effort into keeping their employees. Even if a good employee leaves, you can conduct exit interviews to gain information for retaining staff in the future.

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