Amazing Restaurants & Bars in KL City

Amazing Restaurants & Bars in KL City

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia is a place having a diversely unique dining experience. The only problem here is actually about discovering the right place that delivers a superb experience that’s worth remembering. Here’s the list of 7 greatest restaurants to visit in KL.

Marble 8

Marble 8 KL

Marble 8 is regarded as a stylish steakhouse that is thought of as a haven for steak lovers in Kl. Proudly located in Menara KLCC, Marble 8 serves the highest quality Angus and Wagyu beef which is provided by the Menegazzo family in Queensland, Australia. Patrons can savor the delicious meal while relaxing on the plush leather sofa and enjoy instrumental music while being surrounded by a plush interior design.

Marini’s on 57

Marini's on 57

Marini’s on 57 is definitely the highest rooftop bar you may find in KL. They serve the greatest Italian cuisine such as artisan-made pasta and fresh seafood is flown all the way from Italy. Their space is covered in velvet and leather, and it’s a fantastic place to relax and enjoy cocktails and premium champagnes. Due to the limited capacity, you’re well-advised to make not less than Seven days advanced reservation if you wish to check out Marini’s over a weekday, and within Fourteen days should you want to go to the restaurant during the weekend.

Troika Sky Dining

Amazing Restaurants in KL

The Troika Sky Dining is another high-end restaurant you can travel to in KL. Here on level 23A at Tower B, there are two main fine dining restaurants that serve its own specialty. Cantaloupe serves fine French, Italian, Greek and Spanish food, while at Strato, you can find flavorful pizzas and pasta. Furthermore, you can find a 3rd eatery called Fuego that serves South American special treats. In case you are there for just a drink, you may visit Coppersmith or Claret that serves wine & cocktail.

Thirty8 KL

Amazing Restaurants in KL

Thirty8 KL, a first-class dining restaurant in Grand Hyatt Hotel is considered the few we are going to recommend. The place is the right choice while you’re dining which includes a companion that prefers an alternate variation of dishes, on the grounds that this restaurant offers various sorts of Chinese, Japanese, as well as Western menus. This can make Thirty8 a perfect place for entertaining colleagues in addition to close friends and family gathering.

Enak KL

Amazing Restaurants in KL

Enak KL is considered the representative of the top-notch local cuisine restaurant on our list. With delicious appetizers, main courses, and desserts prepared using age-old family recipes, lots of the menus here have got a spicy element that expresses the one-of-a-kind taste of Malaysian food. Get ready to experience the halal (pork-free) cuisines here in a comfortable Balinese-themed decor that resonates the Asian culture and tradition.

Celestial Court

Amazing Restaurants in KL

Celestial Court is regarded as a restaurant that offers a complete experience of the Cantonese traditions. From their signature dishes just like the Cantonese roasted duck to their redefined interior decorating; the Celestial Court enable you to take pleasure in majestic elegance experience in one destination. Based on the season, the restaurant also occasionally introduces unique dishes to diners, such as serving the mooncakes within the Chinese mid-autumn festival.

Maison Francaise

Amazing Restaurants in KL

Situated in Jalan Changkat, Maison Francaise is a French fine-dining place where a romantic and vintage feel surrounds you. When you enter this three-storey restaurant, you will notice their voguish white walls, contemporary crystal chandeliers, and dining tables covered in white tablecloths. This restaurant serves the highest quality meals prepared with fish or meat. Furthermore, you may as well enjoy their yummy caviar selection and desserts for instance Soufflé au Choix.

Even though this marks the end of our article on the top fine dining restaurants and high-end bars in Kuala Lumpur, the journey surely doesn’t end here for you. We sincerely hope that you’re going to make use of the information outlined in this article to actually give these restaurants a go, and we also guarantee that you will not ever regret it.