The Anti-Inflammatory Diet You Need To Be On

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet You Need To Be On

The saying of “you are what you eat” is absolutely true. It doesn’t just reflect on how you look, but how you feel as well. Taking care of what you eat is crucial when trying to reduce swelling and inflammation that arise from a sports injury or arthritis. When you eat right, you’ll feel the difference in the muscle or joint of the affected area.

Here are 7 foods you need to consume.

Healthy oils

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a popular favorite when it comes to eating healthy. It’s full of oleic and omega-9 fatty acid, which is super effective against inflammation. If that’s not quite your flavor, try grapeseed or flaxseed oil.


You should reduce your intake of red meat and reserve it for special occasions only. It can trigger bouts of inflammation due to higher density of cholesterol and salt. Omega 3 fatty acid is what you need to combat inflammation, so try and consume a variety of fish, such as salmon, tuna, cod, and bass.


If you also happen to be on a weight-loss journey, eating nuts would kill two birds with one stone. Hazelnuts, almonds, and walnuts are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, so make it your go-to snack in the wee hours of the night.



Research has it that garlic does wonders for swollen joints. Try it, and you’ll start thinking garlic breath is sexy.


It’s going to make you cry in happiness because its health properties help to decrease swelling and heart disease.


They do more than provide your cooking with an extra boost of fragrance. Chilli pepper and curcumin are rich in antioxidants and have been advocated as agents that reduce inflammation and pain.



There is no end to the goodness that green tea brings. It not only reduces your chances of getting cancer but also puts up a good fight against inflammation in your body. You could drink it just like that, or add lemon for a zesty twist.

Wrapping it Up

We’ve covered the list of foods that you will soothe the pains of inflammation. So, you need to always remember that what you consume plays an important role in your well-being.

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