Four Factors Why Your Staff Is Unproductive

Four Factors Why Your Staff Is Unproductive

Everyone needs to understand the importance of productivity in the workplace. Aside from satisfying customers as well as leading to increased sales, productivity also helps save your expenses as more things can be done in a short time while reducing cost in job ads to obtain more staff. It also helps raising employee motivation that also benefits through rewards payment and allowances as well as reducing your stress in thinking about the company.

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Your employees are also human beings so it is normal for them to feel that they are not productive, but this does not mean you cannot do anything. Instead of wasting your money for more job ads to hire new staff, you can help increase employee productivity by taking into consideration four factors so you can avoid the in-productivity of your employees.

1) Tools

If you want to increase the productivity of your employees, you have to make sure they have the tools to do their job perfectly. Otherwise, they will have difficulties and causing the assignment to take longer time to complete. You should also make sure that the tools are kept up to date, such as computers and smartphones where necessary. Many companies fail to implement this because they want to save money, but you have to keep in mind that this will slow down your employees which means the task still cannot be completed within the given time frame.

2) Workload

Giving an assignment to an employee is part of the job of an employer but this does not mean you can simply give them all the tasks you need to solve or do not want to do by yourself. Giving your employees a large amount of work every day can cause stress that will have a negative impact on the group’s overall productivity. You should able to separate between important tasks so you will give the employees a shorter time so they can focus on the work that is more important.

3) Worker’s Workspace

You may find that your office is a great place to work, but there is also a possibility for a workplace atmosphere to affect your employees’ productivity. You should chat and ask around about this among your staff. Once you understand the issues that arise, you should consult your team and try to resolve the problems. This change may come in the form of finding a new space for commercial activity. Despite being heavily charged, it is worthwhile to improve the quality of the workplace environment.

4) Attitude

If your employees see you or your company in a negative way, they will not be productive as employees in other companies who enjoy and love their work. This means that what matters to you is to improve your employee’s attitude as best you can. You should know a bit about their personal lives, give praise and awards to employees, and help them whenever you can. All the things that have been mentioned need only a little time and effort, but are still able to improve the morale and spirit of your team.

All in all

In conclusion, you can also try to empower your employees before giving them the opportunity to manage your customers. If you want to increase the productivity of your employees, make sure to consider these four factors and address issues that arise wisely.