How to Hire Senior-Level Employees

How to Hire Senior-Level Employees

Unlike recent graduates, recruiting senior-level employees is a more advanced type of hiring. Hiring these level of candidates require a more hands-on approach and the pool for these candidates is much smaller. You’ll need to make sure you are making the right hiring decisions on Jobstreet as these high-level hires usually play a critical role.

To ensure that you are hiring the right people, check out these tips below:

Understand what you’re looking for

Before preparing a job advertisement or writing a job description, you need to understand the needs and the qualification for the job thoroughly. Most of the time, there’s no lack of qualified applicants, but rather the misalignment between a recruiter and what candidates include on their resumes.

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Seek for them

Not all senior-level employees are unemployed and actively searching for a job. Chances are, they are still working for a company. As a recruiter, you’ll need to seek them out and pursue them.

However, you have to remain discreet during this hiring process and communicate with your prospect privately. Networking is a significant asset in this situation as sourcing applicants via connections help you gain a more in-depth knowledge of them before you reach out.

Create a compelling case

Recruiting senior-level talent with money isn’t going to work, as they’re probably already making a lot of money. You’ll need to attract them with a reason to join your company instead of staying where they are.

It’s crucial to know what motivates these senior-level employees. The desire to lead high-performance teams motivate some people, others by the impact. Consider offering employee perks such as flexible work arrangements and healthcare benefits.

Personalise the process

Each candidate has a different method of hiring. You’ll need to know their needs and appeal them differently. Junior-level employees may jump at any opportunity, but senior-level employees may require exciting challenges to leave their current jobs.

Make sure you make each candidate feel as if they were specifically chosen. Don’t use generalised greetings and let them know why you chose them over others.


Hiring a qualified candidate to fill a senior role is a challenge. These job positions are critical to an organisation’s success, and the wrong decision can have detrimental effects.

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