Love Listening To Music On The Go? These 3 Apps Are For You!

Love Listening To Music On The Go? These 3 Apps Are For You!

As the decade comes to a close, our music listening habits have changed. How we bring our music has also shifted towards streaming with the emergence of applications that made these possible. If you can’t live without music, these three apps are the perfect partners for your JBL headphones!


Spotify is widely agreed as the best overall music streaming app. Their collection of albums, podcasts and songs are extensive so even if you want to listen to an obscure band from a neighbouring country, chances are it’ll be available on Spotify. On top of that, they’re pretty affordable with family plans of RM22.60 for five Spotify premium accounts. 

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If you have kids who are using music streaming services, then Deezer is a good option for your children. The app has a feature that parents or teachers block tracks with explicit lyrics with subscription to the family plan. If you’re not ready to subscribe to a plan, you’ll find that Deezer will have up to six skips an hour, which is not bad.


Fans of artists like Beyonce and Jay-Z would know about this app and service. Besides having these great artists’ discography, Tidal’s services are top-notch and premium as you get access to top charts, music videos and even curated playlists by the artists themselves. If you’re willing to fork out a bit more money, Tidal offers high-fidelity audio which gives you the best and crispest quality to the songs you love.


Being able to listen to music anywhere at anytime is perhaps the best change that has happened to mobile entertainment. These apps have definitely pushed for this innovation and change to happen. JBL headphones help to get the best experience out of these audio streaming services. Learn how you can get a pair here