Our Special Night at Marble 8

Our Special Night at Marble 8

I love steaks but it’s hard to find restaurants that get it right in terms of texture and flavour, which is why I’ve long had my mind set on dining at Marble 8 as I’ve heard so much about it. I was super thrilled when my boyfriend surprised me with a reservation for two on the night of our first anniversary together.

Upon arrival at Petronas Tower 3, we were ushered from lift to lift by men in black coats. I would like it to a multi-transit train commute, but with royal treatment. Our ears were blocked from the pressure of traveling up to the 56th floor so fast; it was like you’re on a plane but not really.

The steakhouse surroundings

Let me tell you, the ambiance was beautifully intimidating. I fell in love with the dim lights, wooden structures, and leathery seats immediately. For heaven’s sake, even the tablecloth was leather!

Marble 8

The view was dreamy. It was so amazing to see the city sprawled out before me. I had first wanted to bring my Fujifilm camera but changed my mind as I wanted us to be present in the moment.

Items from the menu

Our waiter, Faizal, wasted no time introducing himself and brought us an assortment of bread and dips. For starters, we opted to share a lobster salad and Hokkaido scallop. The lobster was springy and the scallop was borderline creamy in texture. It’s hard to explain, but I approve.

I like my steak flavourful and tender. I was looking for high-fat content so the marbling was important. I settled for a 300g dry-aged Wagyu ribeye, thinking that I may have sacrificed texture for flavor, but my medium-rare steak was perfect! It was so juicy and easy to chew, I never imagined that it could be this good. It was the best steak of my life!

Yes, I Had A Great Night

We had a fantastic time there. The prices are rather hefty but that’s what great food, service, and ambiance are worth. I don’t know how we’re going to top this for our next anniversary. He’d better propose the next time around!

I wholeheartedly endorse this place. If you wish to follow my lead, simply visit their website at https://www.marble-8.com/.