Tips To Take Better Photos Using Your Phone!

Tips To Take Better Photos Using Your Phone!

Trying to look photogenic, presentable and making your photos look insta-worthy is a challenge and requires hard work and the ability to master the set of tools you are given!

Here are some effortless tips and tricks to enhance the quality of your photos and to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Explore the features of your respective device!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of features present in our mobile devices. We tend to stay in our comfort zones by just sticking to the conventional ones- which leads us to our photos turning out poorer than we could imagine!

Try switching it up by taking your photos from another angle, devote some time to adjust your brightness, resolution and edit your photos accordingly.

Good lighting

The best (and most practical) hour to snap your selfies is during the golden hour! Not only does it make your photos glow by emulating a warm effect- but it accentuates your beauty that shines from within! It will surely save some time finding the best lighting to take your photos in!

How to Take Great Photos

Try not to think so much!

Sometimes it’s not about how aesthetic or good the photo looks- it’s more about the story behind the photos. Fret not and just proceed to take as many photos as you want to! Photos are a great way to be able to look back and crack on a smile to propel you through your doings.

Zooming is not a great choice

Your photos may turn out extremely fuzzy and out of focus! Prevent zooming it when you are in the midst of taking a photo, you can zoom in later on for a better view.

Wipe your camera lens before you take your photos!

Our phones end up in the most random places ever, dust and dirt eventually get embedded in our camera lens making our photos appear ghost-like and blurry.

Using a good phone makes everything look better

No matter how hard you try to make your photos look satisfactory when you are using a phone with a low resolution, it will never make your photos look excellent.

How to Take Great Photos

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Wrapping Up

A small little device could do wonders!