Travel Back in Time: Penang

Travel Back in Time: Penang

The busy street pathways, the hustle, and bustle of individuals entering and exiting the streets and the authentic scrumptious food has always been a key epitome of Penang. Although it is a small secluded island just under 300 km square, people are always walking around robustly filled with energy and hope for the foreseeable future. Everyone is minding their own businesses with their own lives to devote their energy to.

Having been awarded the title of ‘UNESCO’s list of World Heritage cities’, the development and flourishing of Penang have been highly prominent. Every day, Penang aims to move towards changing and improving for the better.

This is without a doubt a tipping point for Penang. Suddenly boosted with momentous drive and intense momentum, grabbing the opportunity to commence a new, fresh beginning. As advantage is on Penang’s side, high-rise buildings and newly furnished malls are being built.

It’s Anything But Typical

Although Penang may not be the most technologically advanced nor economically progressive city, it is certainly not a typical place. Penang stems primarily from their diversified culture, varied practices, and traditions. Its distinctive history is what makes Penang what it is in current status quo.

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As generations progressively pass and attribute in Penang developing for the better, the buildings and intricate architectures still continue to stand strong. With a myriad of landmarks for worshipping, this clearly highlights the diversified culture and tradition which is highly quintessential in Penang.

Two Sides of the Story

With the good comes the bad. Although the grander and more exquisite buildings are still continually being protected and conserved, the smaller and less well-known streets are beginning to disintegrate and fall apart by time.

Penang Island Street View

Having a large whirlpool of tourists coming from all over the world, citizens in Penang are invited to connect and build a larger community. Being able to learn from different perspectives and cultures, being open-minded is a gift that is given to them.

Although some Penangites prefer the old, rural way of living when life was much simpler, every city eventually progresses to a certain degree. Change is always encouraged.

Experience Penang by Yourself

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