Treasure or trash? A Shaves2U review

Treasure or trash? A Shaves2U review

I picked up their trial kit from a salesperson some three months ago. If memory serves me correctly, it was around Bandar Sunway. Today is the day that I think I should say something or review Shaves2U. So, this is my honest Shaves2U review.

Shaves2u Trial Kit

I bought it because it was convenient and because the kid selling it was a pleasant young chap trying to make an earnest living. He briefly introduced the brand to me and the promo they were running. Shaves2U is a subscription-based shaving brand. From what I understand, subscribers can adjust their shaving plan according to their needs and enjoy free delivery for every subsequent refill.

I’m sensing a bit of DSC vibe here, which to me is not a problem at all; we really need that type of service here. It was smart of them to identify that gap in the market.

First impression

Premium Handle Shaves2U

Here are my thoughts on the razor handle. Very sturdy and grips well. I like that it has a bit of weight to it, which feels premium. And the rubberised handle is perfect. It does not feel flimsy, like the Gillette Mach 3 I was using for, let’s see, foreveruntil Shaves2U came along. It’s a welcome change.

I’ve been wondering about their swivel handle and whether it’s any good. It’s a bit more expensive than the premium (strange labelling), but it’s supposedly because it swivels in more directions and follows the contours of your face better. I’ll let you know when I decide to get an upgrade, but I’m happy with the current handle for now.

The trial kit I got had only one blade cartridge, which I used for a good full month. It didn’t rust but my standard practice is to throw disposables away after a month of frequent use. Even if the blades don’t rust, I still throw them for safety reasons.

No matter what brand you use, blades will get dull after a few rounds of shaving and you have to press them harder against your skin to get the same results as day onenot good. You can use them for longer, of course. To be clear, mine has never rusted, but as I said, I don’t keep them for more than a month, a month and a half max.

Three months later

After having a good first run, I changed the setting of my shave plan to delivery every 2 months. I’m going through my second cartridge now and the experience is still good. I think it shaves just as well as the other brands, although the handle really is the star, in my opinion. If love this Shaves2U review, why don’t you spread the love to make sure every gentleman will get benefits from this. Visit them to this amazing thing at

Final verdict? TREASURE.