What Can You Do with the Apple Watch?

What Can You Do with the Apple Watch?

Last September, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 4. Since the first watch’s release, the Apple Watch has evolved in many ways. The latest series has the largest display yet and new features such as the electrical heart sensor and re-engineered Digital Crown with haptic feedback.

The Apple Watch works best when it’s paired with an iPhone, as more features become available when they’re in sync. If you wish to own an Apple Watch, you may want to get an iPhone and register for phone plans for the ultimate experience.

So, what can you do with the Apple Watch? Here are some interesting uses of the Apple product:

Send messages and make calls

Besides checking the time, you can use the Apple Watch to send messages and make phone calls. You’ll need to pair your watch with an iPhone to do this. There’s a microphone and a built-in speaker for you to speak into for both phone calls and text messages as there is no keyboard for you to type.

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Track your fitness

The Apple Watch also works as your fitness buddy. It can track and graph data about how much calories you burned or how long you’ve been standing up with its built-in sensors. If you download the Workout app, it can provide more information on specific activities such as running and cycling.


One of the more interesting uses of the Apple Watch is that it supports Apple Pay. You can purchase items by double-clicking the button under the crown and waving their wrist in front of special in-store readers. An example of a store that allows users to Apple Pay is McDonald’s.

You can still use apps

Whatever you can do on the iPhone, it’s most likely you can still use them on the Apple Watch. Maps, photos, and music are still available on the Apple product. However, it’s unclear how much storage the watch has.


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